Hey fam!

So I’ve been hard at work in the studio, working on some new material for you all. Some time very soon, I will be launching my first single from the up coming album Bioluminescence. This is going to be in a bit of a different direction to Eve of Destruction, as it’s tackling quite different emotional content. Eve of Destruction, as the name would suggest, was a rather angry album, primarily based off the emotions surrounding the breakdown of my marriage to my daughters other parent.

Bioluminescence is far more introspective, delving into deeper concepts such as struggles with identity, depression, anxiety, gender, but with an overall message of positivity and self acceptance. This album has taken a long time to write, and was being written even while I was writing Eve of Destruction. There is a lot of material that could have gone into Bioluminescence but either didn’t quite fit the feel, or simply wouldn’t fit into the typical 60 minute LP format (I know that with current technologies, that limit is all but defunct, but I always feel it’s good to impose restrictions), but it’s all saved away, and is going to give me a good framework/head start on the next album, which will likely be a sister album of sorts to Bioluminescence.

So anyway! Keep an eye out for the first single to be dropped some time in the next couple of days!

Daphne <3

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